On-Line Islamic Literal Textual Search Page

This page is intended as an on-line resource for literal textual searches, principally on Islamic texts.

All these PERL-CGI search engines search for 'literal phrases'. As well as straight-forward searches like 'gog and magog', the Search Engines can also make intelligent searches like 'Allah .* Messenger .* believers' , which would search for a paragraph/section where Allah is first mentioned, then Muhammad, then after that, believers.

Searches are NOT case sensitive.

I have improved it from the home-brew original scripts in that the beginning of the phrase is matched for a word boundary but not the end . So a search for 'ape' will find 'apes' as well, but not 'grape'.

Thanks for visting and I hope you find your visit useful and please feel free to submit any comments or suggestions .

PERL-CGI On-Line Search Engines :-

Search Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall's Translation of The Holy Quran  (updated to optionally show ayah in context)

Search the text of Sahih Bukhari

Search the text of Sahih Muslim

Search the text of Al-Muwatta

Check out Al-Muhaddith , the source for Islamic texts on the Net.

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